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Granny Gear Productions

24 Hrs of Adrenalin

Team Big Bear

Hcor Forum (mostly East Coast)

MTB Review Forum

Ridemonkey Forum

No Brakes Racing (my team!)

USA Cycling Calendar

Cycling News -

Century rides - CA Century and Ultra events courtesy of Palo Alto Bicycles

Multi-sport and adventure racing:

Adventure Sport Magazing -

United States Adventure Racing Association -

Balance Bar Adventure Races -

Adventure Race E-Camps


NE and Mid-Atlantic Region:

Genesis Adventures

MultiSport Races

Triathlon stuff:

Tri-Newbies Great site on triathlon training.

USA Triathlon USA Triathlon is the official governing body of triathlons in the United States.


Total Immersion Swimming How to become a faster, more efficient swimmer.  

American Triathlon Calendar - The Woman's Triathlon Site

John Becker's Triathlon site

American Triathlon Calendar -

New Jersey Triathlon Calendar -


Beyond Bikes - Great guys! Right here in Poway. 

Find a race: Find and register for thousands of races, events, and other activities throughout the U.S.


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