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Columbia: I emmerge from the water with numb feet and a good attitude!

Steve and I after the Columbia Triathlon. I still have raspberry Gu on my face.

Wyckoff-Franklon Lakes Triathlon after the 1/2-mile swim.

Me after the Bridgeton Triathlon.

My inspirations: For Peyton. For Donna. For Jo. They are with me and keep me going when I think I can't go any farther.

Another good reason to do triathlon: free massage.

Woods Hollow Mtn Bike Race: Paul and I before our first mountain bike race.

Woods Hollow: Katie and I before the start of the Beginner Class Race.

Woods Hollow: We took off strong, then 15 minutes into the race my chain broke!

So I came back, found my coach who fixed the chain, then entered the Sport Class Race. (placed 2nd in my age group - never give up!)

Steve and I after the Woods Hollow race. Muddy and tired - wouldn't have it any other way.

Woods Hollow: Then I took off my socks...

Plattekill: After the Mountain Cross Race.

Plattekill: Me and my coach Chad.

Plattekill: Chad waits in the line to rinse off his bike after tearing up the downhill course.