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The Bruise Chronicles

Adventures on the bike. Ride and race reports by Laura Drexler.

        Also, Lessons Learned: A Bruise Chronicles Supplemental

Ride Till You Cry (East San Diego County) A ride so exhausting, I cried. It was awesome. (28 DEC 05)

Summary: East County trail ride. Breathtaking, beautiful, dangerous, and unforgiving. The guys mashed, I crashed, and in the end I'm totally thrashed. So, when are we going again?

- The Bruise Chronicles: Ride Till You Cry Ride Report

NOVA NORBA Nationals, AZ (Fountain Hills, AZ) the Super D Race in Arizona (19 MAR 05)

Summary: Cool and overcast in Phoenix for the Nationals Super D. Terrain is cactus and kitty litter. Course is really... whatevery, but not a very steep whatever. Pros get mooned. I pass her, she passes me, I pass her. Grrrr! I love racing.

- from the Bruise Chronicles: NORBA AZ Super D Race Report

Womenís Only Weekend (Big Bear Lake, CA) where I crash in the "Waterfall" section of Westridge and suffer a Class 2 A/C separation (17-19 JUL 05)

"Womenís Only Weekend Ė an entire weekend of cross-country and downhill festivities for women. Itís like a regular bike-fest race weekend, but without all the grunting and farting..." 

- from the Bruise Chronicles: Women's Only Weekend

AmCup #2 / Cal State #4 Race (Big Bear Lake, CA) the Big Bear Races (26 JUN 04)

"I hear the small rocks grinding under my tires in a din like almonds in a food processorÖ had I not heard the silence, I would not have known for certain that both wheels left the ground.

- from the Bruise Chronicles: AmCup #2/Cal State #4

Plattekill Northface Extreme Downhill #3 (Catskills, NY) first E Coast DH race (6 JUN 04)

"I am in pain. I ask myself what I think I'm doing out here, thinking I can come and ride this mountain... I ask myself if I haven't made a serious mistake with this whole downhill business...

- from the Bruise Chronicles: Plattekill Mountain

Downhill at Southridge (Fontana, CA) first downhill practice (28 FEB 04)

"This morning Iíll stand at the top of a hill that is too steep to safely walk down. Itís OK though; Iíll have my bike. Itís downhill mountain bike race practice at the Southridge Races in Fontana, CA, and Iíve got a ticket to ride..." 

- from the Bruise Chronicles: Downhill at Southridge

Mt. Haleakala Volcano Ride (Maui, HI) down the spine of Mt. Haleakala (27 JAN 04)

"The local rider tells us if we really want to enjoy a ride down Haleakala, we need to go down the spine. I almost expect to hear someone say, ďBart, you fool, donít send them poor people down there!Ē When no one says this, I take the bait. ďWhatís the spine?Ē I ask...." 

- from the Bruise Chronicles: Down the spine of Mt. Haleakala

Other race reports:

Marine Corps Recruit Depot 3-mile Obstacle Course Challenge (9/28/02)

"Boot Camp Challenge: a 3-mile race with a series of obstacles interspersed and drill instructors (DIs) out there yelling at you throughout the course. I immediately want to sign upÖ" 

- from the MCRD Boot Camp Challenge Race Report


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