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Race Photos 2002 Index

Click here for race photos from the 2001 Jersey Shore Triathlon (8 Sept 2001)

MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) 3-mile Obstacle Course Challenge, San Diego, CA, 28 SEP 2002.

I met a woman on the course who is legally blind. When I offered to run with her, after her cane got stuck in a drainage grate, she politely accepted. I talked her through the obstacles - she did all but one, simply because she couldn't see the 4-foot high horizontal log well enough to hurl her body over it. By mid-race she asked if she could keep hold my hand, which she did. Twice we paused for her to rip open a packet of sugar so she could eat it- she's diabetic. She said she didn't start running till she was over 50. She's now 60, and feels a responsibility to the blind community to pave the way for them. I have no excuse for not running...

Bucks County Road Runners Run for Your Health Five Miler, Thanksgiving 2002. (brrrrr)


Marine Corps Recruit Depot 3-mile Obstacle Course Challenge, San Diego, CA.

Aroura is legally blind. I have no excuse...


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